Can I fix my own car air-conditioning system?

A mechanic carrying out an air conditioning regas on a car

While some simple repairs might be possible on a DIY basis, we do not recommend that you attempt your own service and repairs. Here are some very good reasons why we say that-

  • You need a very good understanding of how a car air con system works. Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time can cause serious, and sometimes fatal damage to expensive air conditioning system parts
  • You may need special diagnostic equipment to diagnose some types of faults
  • You need a special light or a specialised leak detector to find refrigerant leaks
  • You need special equipment to recover the old refrigerant if you are opening or removing hoses to repair leaks. Since venting any refrigerant into the atmosphere is illegal almost everywhere, you could be prosecuted if you do
  • You need special equipment to do an aircon regas procedure correctly
  • You may need a special permit just to buy the correct refrigerant

If you have any issues with your car’s air conditioning system, we recommend that you do visit Find a Mechanic to find certified air conditioning technicians near you that are trained to diagnose and repair car air conditioning systems.

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