How much does it cost to replace a timing belt?

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The problem with timing belt replacement costs is that there is no single price, or even a price range, that applies to all cars. The only thing that is about equal is the timing belt price.

Nonetheless, a timing belt change involves much more than just the timing belt price. For instance, the total timing belt replacement cost is influenced by all of the following-

  • The vehicle you drive and the type of engine it has. A timing belt change on V-type engines usually requires more time because these engines are more complicated than "straight" engines
  • Timing belt kits are much more expensive than just a timing belt by itself
  • IIn some cases, the entire front end of the vehicle has to be stripped off to do a timing belt change. This greatly increases the total timing belt replacement cost

However, to give you a better idea of how the average timing belt replacement cost for different vehicles vary, consider the table below-

Note that the above examples of timing belt replacement costs are average costs that were reported from across Australia. Therefore, these costs may not apply to your particular vehicle or your location.

However, if you are thinking of getting a car timing belt replacement, we recommend that you do the following-

  • Set aside a budget of at least $1 500- the timing belt replacement may not cost that much, so you could get some change from that amount
    Prepare to be without your car for at least one full day
  • Visit Find a Mechanic. Here you can find suitably qualified professional mechanics and workshops near you
  • Use the above resource to find workshops and mechanics with proven experience in timing belt replacements on your particular vehicle
  • Get at least four price quotes that include the cost of all parts, all labour charges, and details of warranties on both parts and workmanship
  • Make an appointment at your chosen workshop. Remember that a timing belt replacement can take up most of a workday, so be sure to arrive at your chosen workshop on time

One more thing to keep in mind is that timing belt replacements are among the most intensive services any mechanic can perform on your car. Therefore, be sure to allow for enough time and money to ensure that you get a professional timing belt replacement from professional mechanics.

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