About us

Mechanic.com.au provides Australian motorists with the advice, information and resources that they require to be able to make informed decisions about their car maintenance needs.

We strive to be able to provide you with the most sincere and expert advice we are able on any topic relating to car maintenance, help you understand the associated costs involved and connect you with the very best mechanics in your local area.

Our Background

Mechanic.com.au was founded in 2017 as a collaboration between automotive experts who shared a passion for the automotive service and repair industry. Our goal was to help connect, educate, and inspire Australian mechanics so that they can develop their careers and workshops in order to be the very best they can possibly be. Over this time, we’ve helped more than 15,000 mechanics around the nation toward that goal!

Mechanic.com.au is unique in that we are fully independent, meaning we don’t own or operate the workshops that are listed on our site. Rather, these workshops are members of our trade network who utilise our resources to ensure they stay at the very top of their game. In order for preferred providers to be listed on our website, they must meet stringent eligibility criteria concerning the way in which they operate their business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Australian mechanics reach their ultimate potential and connect them with motorists who are seeking high-quality car maintenance at a fair price.

Our Values

We believe that education is the key to informed decision making. We play a significant role in the education of both mechanics and motorists across the country.

The advice that we provide through our platform is no different to the advice we would provide to our own friends or family.

We are subject matter experts and place great value on being an authority in the automotive service and repair industry.

We truly believe in the importance of seeking out the very best value rather than the cheapest price, particularly when it comes to car maintenance.

We hope that we can play a role in helping you on your journey to discovering high-quality car maintenance at a fair price.
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