Car service pricing, starting from…


Car services are carried out at regular intervals to ensure ensure safe, efficient operation. During these services the systems and components of a car are serviced, repaired or replaced. Usually more than just the manufacturers recommended services or inspections (those outlined in the owners’s manual) for a particular vehicle need to be taken into account. How a car has been driven, under what conditions and for how long, will impact how well individual components have coped with the stress. How well a car has been cared for will also determine what needs to be repaired or replaced, either during a car service or before the next service interval is due.

Rather than fixed price servicing, a more honest way of presenting a service price is to state the price at which a quality car service will start.

This price should specifically include the use of quality parts, oils and lubricants. It should start with a diagnostic tune up and basic safety inspection and end with a report of the vehicles condition.

There may be times when issues or potential problems are brought to the attention of the mechanic servicing your car.

A mechanic should never carry out any extra work on your car without your permission and without discussing any related costs with you. They should have a reason, that you can understand, for recommending further work, especially if they have followed correct diagnostic and service procedures. You don’t have to feel pressured to accept the cost on the spot, think about it and get another quote if you need before agreeing to extra work or ask how long it is safe to leave the issue as it is.

Recommending extra work be carried out need does not mean the mechanic is trying to get more money out of you. It could be a good indicator they are doing their job correctly and are looking out for your interests.