Fixed price servicing, good or bad?




Finding a service centre or mechanic to service your car can seem a daunting task at times. Many workshops have special deals available offering value for money car service but do they really save you money?

A quality car service should include a diagnostic scan, a safety inspection, an oil change and fluid check/adjustment and a report on your vehicle’s overall condition. When a service is carried out with good quality oils and lubricants, using approved parts, there is a minimum price limit at which car service can be carried out correctly, without cutting corners.

Car servicing is carried out to maintain the safety, reliability and efficiency of a car and to make sure vehicle systems are continuing to operate as they should. A properly carried out car service will follow a strict service schedule based on the needs of your car, it's service history, the way it is driven and the conditions it must cope with.
Given such individual needs must be met, a fixed price service is questionable, especially if the mechanic has never seen the car.

You will generally get what you pay for so deals that seem too good to be true usually are. You should always be aware of exactly what you will be getting for your money. Every car service is different, even two consecutive services on the same car, because various components need attention at different service intervals.

In truth a good mechanic should fix cars, not prices. Be wary of service deals because a car service is not a product that can be wrapped up and sold at a fixed price. It is a service, that is paramount to the function of your car and your safety. As with any important service, such as the dentist or a medical specialist, you choose based on quality not cost and maintaining you car properly now, will save you money in the future.