Types of car servicing


Certain components of any car require regular maintenance at specific intervals. This is usually achieved through regular car service according to the manufacturer’s recommended intervals but individual components may fail or need attention in between scheduled service intervals and there are times when other types of car service are needed.

These other types of car service offered by mechanics and service centres may also include repairs, maintenance or other types of car service not generally considered to be part of a normal service routine. Specialised services such as, air conditioning, auto electrical, crash repairs, diesel repairs, engine reconditioning, LPG installation, EFI service, dyno tuning and truck repairs.

Other types of car service are safety related and may be required at any time to ensure the car is safe to drive, particularly following an incident such as a minor crash. These car service types include wheel alignments and balancing, brake & clutch services, tyre and wheel services, specific trailer and caravan service or various types of vehicle inspection, including safety checks and roadworthy inspections, for example.

Some service centres may also offer support services such as a towing service or mobile repairs.

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