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Century Batteries is Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer with a proud heritage spanning two centuries.

For over 90 years we have developed the manufacturing expertise and technical know-how to create a range of batteries better suited to Australia’s harsh climate.

Our commitment to new product development and innovation has ensured that our range of products continues to set new standards in design and performance.

How is a car battery made? A look inside Century Batteries factory

Ever wondered how a lead-acid car battery is made? Step inside Century Batteries' Australian-based manufacturing facility in Carole Park, Queensland, for an overview of how a car battery is made - from start to finish!


Celebrating over 90 years of Australian manufacturing

Our story began in 1928 with the Century brand – a household name with Australia’s and New Zealand’s motoring public. We have been at the forefront of battery manufacturing and design for over 90 years, and our reputation for quality and innovation has been continuously refined over many decades.

Century Batteries' new TV advertisements showcase our staff and highlight our proud 90 year Australian manufacturing heritage.



Battery Care & Maintenance

Simple care and maintenance tips for maximising the performance and service life of a Century battery.