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Testing and Repair Service


While Injectronics’ range of remanufactured parts is extensive, there are times when a unit is unavailable due to core shortages or excessive customer demand.  To satisfy customer’s requirements, Injectronics offer a prompt testing and repair service for units which are not carried in stock or which may be obsolete or unavailable.

With many late model vehicles that require engine control modules, body control modules, immobilisers and keys to be programmed, it is far easier and more cost effective to have the customers original unit repaired, which avoids expensive and time consuming re-programming of a replacement unit. Injectronics can test the associated components together as a set, ensuring accurate and complete diagnosis whilst maintaining all of the vehicles original variant coding, security and programming information.

A majority of all commonly tested engine and body control modules, ABS modules, climate and ignition control modules can be tested on the Injectronics designed Virtual Automobile Simulator (VAS) which provides accurate, pin by pin testing and programming, and allows Injectronics to provide customers with a complete copy of all testing results.


All testing and re-calibration of air meters is performed on the Injectronics designed Air Meter Analyser which ensures all units tested are compared to “learnt” OEM specification, ensuring accuracy and repeatability during all testing.

Injectronics also utilise state of the art premises, testing and manufacturing procedures and have shown an ongoing commitment to remanufacturing products of the highest possible quality, having recently invested in an “Ultrasonic Aluminium Fine Wire Bonder”. The acquisition of the Ultrasonic Aluminium Fine Wire Bonder enables Injectronics to repair and remanufacture miniature hybrid engine control modules, such as those used in Holden TS Astra, XC Barina and VZ Commodores, using the same bonding process as used in the original manufacturing process, rather than performing potentially unreliable and time consuming hand soldered repairs. 


Instrument Cluster Repairs


Todays vehicles instrument clusters are becoming increasingly complex and now we are seeing complete LCD displays that can be totally customised to the drivers preferences.  

When an instrument cluster fails, you cannot simply fit a second hand unit from another vehicle.

This is because specific vehicle data, such as VIN, KLM's and immobiliser information are electronically stored in the cluster and many other modules including the ignition keys.  If these dont match, you may have an inoperative cluster, or even a no start situation.  Injectronics can remanufacture your instrument cluster so there is no further installation programming required.

We stock many components, and provide and prompt test and repair service



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