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The last few months have certainly been an unprecedented and challenging time for some businesses across Australia, and we're all having to make adjustments while working out how to move forward. With restrictions starting to ease and more vehicles back on the road, many workshops will be looking at opportunities for extra revenue.




Did you know that some workshops are only replacing shock absorbers on 1 out of every 100 vehicles they inspect? In Australia, the industry average for shock absorber replacement is 8 out of every 100 vehicles inspected. If your workshop's replacement rate is low, this could mean a difference in revenue of up to $44,000 per year.* (*Based on industry averages as at 2017 within Australia)

Another benefit of improving your shock absorber replacement rate is that your customers will be leaving your workshop with safer vehicles.

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Give your customers confidence that you are providing them with a safer vehicle by educating them about shock absorbers

New shock absorbers provide the vehicle with improved vehicle control, including:

  1. Reduced emergency stopping distances - Did you know one worn shock absorber can increase your emergency stopping distance at 50 km/h by up to metres? Replacing worn shocks could save your customers from experiencing unfortunate and unwanted incidents.

  2. Longer tyre life - Worn shock absorbers can significantly increase tyre wear, handling control and tyre grip, meaning your customer may need to purchase costly new tyres sooner rather than later.

  3. Increased stability - Worn shock absorbers can cause your tyres to lose contact with the road, dramatically affecting steering. Worn shocks can also cause excessive sway around corners and sliding or veering across lanes, making the car a lot less stable. This can be dangerous, especially in bad weather.

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Customers may only find out their shocks need replacing when something has already gone wrong and it's too late. By keeping your customers informed and making sure their worn shock absorbers are replaced, you’re on the road to ensuring them a better and safer driving experience.

Choose the right product for the vehicle, built to last by a brand you can trust – Monroe.




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