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About Monroe Shock Absorbers

From humble beginnings with the invention of the Brisk Blast tyre pump in 1919, through to the development of the first original equipment passenger vehicle shock absorbers, Monroe has continued to lead the way in ride control component innovation and design in every corner of the globe for more than 100 years. Monroe remains unstoppable when it comes to ensuring improved road safety through new ride control technology for millions of road users worldwide.

There's a Monroe shock absorber product to suit almost every vehicle on our roads, from those designed for everyday use such as Monroe OriginalMonroe OE Spectrum and Monroe GT Gas through to those designed for more specialist applications such as Monroe GT SportMonroe Gas Magnum TDT and Monroe Magnum Heavy Duty. Today, more Australian motorists' journeys are enhanced by the safety and control provided by Monroe shock absorbers than any other brand.

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Make your customers' vehicles safer AND grow your business with Monroe Shock Absorbers


Are you interested in providing safer vehicles for your customers and growing your business? By simply applying the techniques Monroe covers in this video, you can achieve both these outcomes.

The Monroe OE Spectrum 5 year warranty


According to our recent customer survey data, almost two thirds of distributors, installers and resellers who responded gave Monroe as their first choice shock absorber brand, with Monroe's higher level of quality/durability and higher level of ride handling performance being the main reasons. Also high among the reasons for choosing Monroe Shock Absorbers over other brands was our longer warranty period. To reinforce the confidence we have in the durability of our products, we announced a 5 year warranty on products in our OE Spectrum range of shock absorbers - the industry's only 5 year guarantee for shocks and struts in Australia and New Zealand.

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The Monroe Safety Specialist Program


Joining our ever-growing network of certified Monroe Safety Specialists will give you new strengths with all kinds of benefits. Just like our shock absorbers, this is a partnership deal that’s built to last and comes with everything you need, including the confidence in knowing you will be offering the most trusted shock absorber products that money can buy.

As part of being a Monroe Safety Specialist, you will be listed on the Monroe Dealer Locator page, where over 2000 potential customers per month come to find certified Monroe Safety Specialist installers and resellers across Australia and New Zealand. What's more, the comprehensive merchandise pack that comes as standard with your membership will show your customers you’re a Monroe Safety Specialist who cares about their road safety.

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