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About Narva:

Narva is a proud Australian brand name that was established by Brown & Watson International Pty Ltd, a private company formed in 1957. We operate from our head office in Melbourne with state offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Narva’s slogan ‘The Vision to Go Further’ represents our passion to deliver the world’s highest quality vehicle lighting products. Through innovation and market development, Narva has become the market leader in the field of Automotive Lighting and Electrical Equipment.


With more than 5,000 individual part numbers, Narva has the most comprehensive automotive lighting and electrical catalogue in Australia, and services a wide range of original equipment and aftermarket markets including:

  • Automotive
  • Light and Heavy Transport
  • 4WD and Recreational Vehicles
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Marine


Narva Globes

When it comes to automotive lighting, quality and reliability is everything - that’s why Narva manufacture most of their halogen globe range in Europe to O.E. standards. The result is a wide range of globe fitments that are designed to last, but still present great value for workshops and their customers.

Narva offers a “Premium” range of incandescent globes for tail lights, signalling and parkers made from European precision production, as well as a “Heavy Duty” range of halogen and incandescent globes that incorporate reinforced filaments, making them superior for off-road, industrial vehicles and motorcycles that are prone to heavy vibrations and bumps. Frequent road users and transport professionals will benefit greatly from the recent release of Narva’s Everlife globes, which provide up to four times the life of a standard globe.


Performance Globes

Narva also has a market leading range of performance halogen headlight globes. Whether you are after longer life, heavy duty, more light or whiter light, the Narva range of performance globes has you covered. For those wanting both increased light output and lifespan, Narva’s L.E.D performance globes feature crisp white light and a halogen-like beam cut-off, and last for over 50,000 hours.



Narva Garage

Launched earlier this year, the Narva Garage series was created to help customers feel more informed and confident about auto-electrical products and services in the industry, whether it’s the lux and lumens of an L.E.D light bar, the role relays play in a vehicle starting system or simple and safe soldering. We hope the series will also assist professionals in explaining auto-electrical problems or repairs to their customers, or even expand upon their own knowledge.

The straight-to-the-point videos – only a minute or two long and hosted on our website and YouTube - aim to provide quick and informative answers to some of the common auto-electrical questions that the tech support gurus at Narva encounter from customers, as well as safe and best practice DIY advice.