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SafeTstop provides your workshop with industry-leading accuracy in less than one minute, in the workshop.  Test brakes, wheel alignment and suspension; give your customers the benefit of an integrated corner/axle weighbridge. All this with a printed report of every test.


“A SafeTstop test takes less than 1 minute – check out to see for yourself”




Your New Business Partner is efficient and beautiful. Measure brake force on each individual wheel, check tyre drag/alignment on front and rear wheels, and test shock absorbers for oscillation and rebound. Results help you find major faults such as seized callipers, brake hose problems, leaks, master cylinder problems and faulty proportioning valves. Every test generates a printed test report including date, time and photo. Accurate data for you - and a clear report for your customer. Results you can see.




Protect and Prevent

OH&S risk – SafeTstop reduces the need for road testing of brakes – brake testing is done in the workshop in less than a minute, at walking pace.  A safer workshop.

Legal and Compliance – Printed test results give you photo proof of your work with date and time. Brake function is clearly documented and you also have proof of the need for repairs, if required.  Your customer knows exactly what you have tested and what you found. Protection for your business.

Insurance risk – With less road testing, your business carries less liability.  No worries about expensive vehicles on public roads, damage to anyone or anything, and most of all, safer braking. Worry less.




Increase your Income

Customers are happy to pay a small fee for a SafeTstop test.  Either build it into your labour charges, add it to your workshop consumables, or charge a fee for the test.  Whatever you choose, your customers will keep coming back when you give them the SafeTstop report - with clear graphics they can understand, showing the brake effectiveness of each wheel of their car, the brake balance, and the tyre drag. Your new business partner builds customer loyalty.     




Expect more.






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