SuperPro Suspension

SuperPro Suspension is a subbrand of Fulcrum Suspensions which was founded in 1976.

SuperPro is globally renowned as one of the best aftermarket suspension manufacturers. Our motto is application engineering, designing products to provide an alignment solution, giving our customers a lifetime of value.

SuperPro internally designs, tests and manufactures bushings, control arms, sway bars and much more at our Australian facilities. This results in products suited for all markets and global applications. Designed and developed to maintain both the highest quality and reliability of supply.

We distribute globally to over 40 countries, including dedicated warehousing in Australia, USA & UK.




Australian Owned and Manufactured



We are proud of the fact that SuperPro is 100% Australian owned and manufactured. All our parts are tried and tested in harsh Australian conditions, ensuring our products will perform no matter the task or environment. Keeping the design and manufacturing process in Australia we ensure every one of our products is perfect through a high standard of quality control.



Largest Range

SuperPro boasts the largest range of aftermarket suspension products. Having over 6000 specialised parts, making sure to cover as many vehicles as possible. Priding ourselves on giving everyone the best suspension fitment opportunities.


Easy to Fit

All our products are designed to be simple but effective, aiming to save time during the fitment process to give the most effective suspension solution. By following our easy step by step fitment process included with every product sold, you will save both time and money.


Superior Material

The base material used by SuperPro is a polyurethane elastomer; a class of “Thermosetting” synthetic polymer that involves the reaction of various types of specialised resins with curing agents, to give an extremely durable material with the best features of rubber and plastic.


SuperPro Warranty

All SuperPro Suspension Bushings are covered by a lifetime warranty! All sway bars, control arms and other technical components are completely covered by 3 year 60,000 km warranty.



Through Superior Design SuperPro Innovates

Research and development is critical in the continual improvement of the SuperPro product range. Our team of engineers are constantly designing new innovate suspension products, providing both repair and upgrade solutions for the aftermarket community.


Local Manufacturing for Consistent High Quality Product

Our 40+ years of experience in manufacturing help us deliver better quality and save our customers money. This has been recognised and utilised by some of the leading automotive parts manufacturers in the world like Tenneco Automotive, Powerdown, Pedders, TJM, Mack Trucks and the Australian Defence Force.



SuperPro’s Large Product Range

SuperPro's extensive product range is supported by a full time, dedicated R&D Team. This results in products suited for all markets and global applications, yet still designed and developed in Australia for maintaining the highest quality and reliability of supply. Superpro has deep experience in 

  • Alignment Products
  • Complete Bushing Kits
  • Performance Suspension
  • Suspension Bushes
  • Roll Control Products
  • Adjustable Sway Bar Kits
  • Control Arms
  • Sway Bar Bushings
  • Universal Products



SuperPro Bushings

SuperPro has over 40 years of experience within the suspension industry and are supported with a dedicated Research and Development Team. With the largest range of aftermarket bushings SuperPro have over 7000 parts, fitting well over 175,000 applications. SuperPro bushings are sold with a Lifetime Warranty that is without exception for the most part. SuperPro is also Australian owned and manufactured. Installing SuperPro polyurethane bushings into your vehicle will achieve several benefits including corrected or maintained steering geometry, better handling, increased safety, improved tyre wear, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced performance.



SuperPro suspension bushings are exported across the world including Europe, America and Asia. All SuperPro suspension bushes are designed to suit the application, although the bushes are easy to fit the focus when designing a SuperPro bushing is that it suits and enhances the application it will be fitted to. SuperPro bushings are known for their blue durable material. All bushings are made from a specifically designed polyurethane blend which allows the SuperPro product to provide customers with the top features of rubber and plastic. This specific blend of Polyurethane has precise mechanical properties which allow it to be extremely resistant to abrasion, have a high tear strength and resistant to oils and solvents. The features of polyurethane have proven to be an advantage for the creation of these suspension components and SuperPro believe it allows many design flaws in a rubber bush to be rectified without changing the design of the suspension.

All bushing designs incorporate the latest technology and are created for specific applications and outcomes to produce a bushing that is a precise fit with a long product life and keeps the vehicles steering geometry correct. The SuperPro Control arm, trailing arm and lateral arm bushings are cotton-reel design, this is because this style works better in these areas of the vehicle as it allows the primary focus of the bush is to stablise the movement in arms on the vehicle to occur. This one-piece design continues to prove necessary to restrict the displacement of the bush once fitted. SuperPro have the widest range of bushes for all the suspension needs of a vehicle including shackle style bushes, sway bar bushes and diff bushes. Adjustable bushes or caster off-set bushings have offset tubes to adjust camber and caster. In some cases, these bushings can provide caster correction in non-adjustable suspension.



SuperPro Bushing Innovation

Since 1970, the innovative progression of SuperPro has produced the following improvements:

Bullet Grooves: Allowing for variances in control arms or spring eyes.

Double-Helix Grooves: Used inside the bush and outside surface of the crush tube. Especially suitable for greaseable shackles.

Self-Lubrication: Extends bush durability, excludes contaminants and assists grease flow into grooves.

Voiding: Allows polyurethane to be displaced into grooves under load, reducing NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness).

Knurling: Reduced surface area ensures unrestricted pivoting of control arms.

Caster Off Set Bushings: Provide caster correction in non-adjustable suspensions.

Tangential Grease Grooves: Allows grooves to store grease; reducing friction between shackle bush heads and shackle plates, which reduces noise.

Extreme Factor: Extra offset castor correction bushings for extreme-lift 4WD applications.

Superior Raw Material: New advanced technology in polyurethanes.

Turbo Style Voiding: A high performance bushing to reduce engine movement & minimise transmission of high frequency vibrations by use of a unique turbo pattern.

Hybrid Bushings: A unique design of SuperPro poly. Combining multiple duros to handle both heavy and light suspension loads, while still eliminating NVH.


SuperPro Control Arms

SuperPro control arms are manufactured, tested and design in Brisbane Australia. SuperPro control arms are built to the highest standard, design to outperform the competition and their OE counterparts. Following their business motto "Engineered to Outperform", SuperPro exceeds many design expectations.


SuperPro 4x4 Control Arms

The SuperPro 4x4 control arm range has many benefits for your 4x4, whether standard height or lifted, SuperPro has you covered for all your control arm upgrades. The benefits of this range include SuperPro polyurethane bushings fitted to the arms, up-rated ball joints built into the arm design, offset options available for lifted vehicles and more. The 4x4 control arm range are direct replacement options that are easy to fit as they generally are a bolt straight in upgrade.



SuperPro 4x4 control arms are all manufactured in Melbourne Australia, for high quality control and greater stock opportunity. 


SuperPro Performance Control Arms

SuperPro saw that by eliminating the original rubber bushings, the durability and performance of these arms increased and any unwanted noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) was removed from the vehicle. The innovative DuroBall design by SuperPro has also been incorporated to this design to ensure longevity to the bushings and to remove all unwanted movement in the arm and maintain better steering geometry in all applications once installed.



The new SuperPro arm kit has been designed and manufactured from a high strength, light weight alloy material and have the SuperPro polyurethane bushings and heavy-duty ball joints fitted. This alloy upgrade option has also entered the market as an affordable alternative for a complete replacement arm kit. These arms are a straight standard replacement, meaning there is no need for modification when fitting, and are an upgrade from the original factory arms.

SuperPro Alloy Control Arm Kit assemblies deliver more caster and eliminate unwanted flex resulting in superior vehicle handling and performance.



SuperPro Passenger Control Arms

These arms are perfectly suited as a standard replacement and are an upgrade from the factory arms, eliminating undesirable arm movement to maintain better steering geometry in all driving conditions.

Our passenger arm upgrades, incorporate improved design, premium material upgrade and upgraded bushings. Incorporating SuperPro bushings these control arms give a lifetime of value. 



SuperPro Sway Bar Kits

SuperPro has designed a unique range of sway bars (anti-roll bars) that incorporate special features, premium material and advanced design to give an outstanding product.


SuperPro 4x4 Sway Bars

Engineered to outperform. SuperPro has a large range of aftermarket 4x4 sway bars that have been in the global market for many years. Made in Brisbane Australia, incorporating years of engineering experience, development time and testing. We can safely say SuperPro 4x4 sway bars are the best. SuperPro's Heavy duty 4WD sway bars, offer increased grip, better handling and a more precise driving experience on and off road.



SuperPro Performance Sway Bars

SuperPro performance sway bars are designed and manufactured to increase the rate over the OE sway bar, changing the handling characteristics of the vehicle. Increasing grip and handling performance of the vehicle. OE manufactures mass produce sway bars which are self-correcting. For example, if you go fast around a corner an OE sway bar will start self-correcting due to flex giving your vehicle a wider turn.