The Days of Boring Workshop Lighting are OVER with Narva 'ALS' Range


Not that long ago, if a mechanic or tech had access to a workshop light or inspection lamp with decent light output, that retained its charge for a while and was able to handle the occasional drop off a bench or slip out of the hand, they were generally pretty happy.

But times have really moved on, especially at Narva where product development and evolution is continuous. Take the Narva ALS range, which consists of audio lights, flood lights, handheld light and head torches.

 New Narva ALS L.E.D Worklight Range

The Narva ALS L.E.D audio lights do more than just provide great light. They’re available in three rechargeable models, and as the name suggests, they combine a crisp white light (600, 2000 and 5000 Lumens depending on the model) with the ability to play audio from a device, through their in-built speakers. This ensures good tunes on the work site at an impressive maximum volume of 84±3dB.

If lighting is needed across a larger area of the workshop, there’s also a selection of Narva ALS L.E.D Flood Lights comprising of three rechargeable and two corded models. The three rechargeable lights produce 1500, 2000 and 6000 Lumens of light output respectively, while corded variants offer 6000 and 10000 lumens. A clever feature of this range is that selected models have a dimmer control for light output that can be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth® using the free Narva app (71416, 71418 and 71420). There’s also a model (Part No. 71412) that has a UV light source of 365nm, providing the user with the added functionality to identify air conditioning, oil, gas and lubricant leaks.


The Narva ALS range also extends to rechargeable L.E.D inspection lights, perfect for use in the tighter confines of engine bays or underneath vehicles on the hoist. These tough lights have an output of 200 and 500 Lumens, which is perfect for close-up work.

For technicians working in confined areas where flood lights might not reach and where there’s nothing suitable from which to hang or position an inspection light, the Narva ALS range includes two rechargeable L.E.D head torches – these have outputs of 120 and 250 Lumens respectively, and importantly, allow the wearer to keep two hands on the job.

The entire Narva ALS range is constructed with demanding conditions in mind. Handy glow in the dark locators on the lights ensure you will never lose sight of them in even the darkest environments, and hard wearing plastic or aluminium construction (model dependent) offer water and dust resistance to IP65 and IP67 levels. ‘IP’ stands for ‘ingress protection’ with the first number denoting the product’s resistance to particles and the second to liquids. In the case of IP65, these products are deemed ‘dust tight’ and ‘water resistant’ (tested using jets of water). A product rated at IP67 – such as the Narva ALS Flood Lights – offer the same particle protection but higher resistance to water, in this case the light can withstand immersion of one metre. 

Complementing the Narva ALS range is a selection of accessories including adjustable, heavy duty flood light tripods, providing greater versatility around the workshop.

Coupled with generous warranties and support, it’s hard to go past the Narva ALS range for lighting in the workshop, for off-site jobs, or even for recreational activities.