This is a game changer!



Our research workshops have been using 20L plastic drums for as long as I can remember and while they do a 'reasonable' job as far as oil storage is concerned, they are an absolute pain to get rid of.


By the time you have a few of these in your bulk waste bin, it's time to book another collection. More $$$ down the drain.




One workshops solution was to use a bandsaw to cut these drums up for disposal. Great idea in theory, until an apprentice lost 2 of his fingers when a drum slipped on the bandsaw. An absolutley horrific result for anyone, especially someone who is just starting out their trade.


These compounding issues of safety, storage and environmental waste has spurred Penrite Oil Company to step up and change the game.


It's a bold move, but one that has nabbed Penrite the AAAA Most Innovative New Packaging Award at this years Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo aswell as a lot of positive dialog at the stand!




Penrite Oil Australia General Manager Toby Dymond is joined by Sales and Marketing Analyst Jessica Grant with the company’s 2017 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) Most Innovative New Packaging Award and the Penrite Enviro-Box Mascot!


So, without further adieu...Meet the Enviro Box™!


The Enviro Box™, in simple terms, is a bag in a box, much like your boxed water that you purchase from the supermarket.

Instead of a metallic bladder, the Enviro Box™ utilises a tough plastic bladder to ensure no accidents or leaks occur.

The shape and single carry handle of the 20L plastic drums can make them awkward to lift and manouver around. The shape of the Enviro Box™ is easier for manual handling.

There are two carry handles on either side of the boxes, making them easier to handle and the top shelf of the Enviro Box™ stand is at the average shoulder height, meaning that no over-head lifting is required.





Penrite estimated that moving towards the Enviro Box™ solution could save the average workshop $2600 anually on waste disposal expenses. (Based on a fortnightly pickup of $100/ea) 

See the infographic below to understand how the disposal process for the enviro box works.








The Enviro Box™ cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable resulting in an 85% reduction in landfill waste per unit produced.

In order to facilitate the recycling of the bladders, Penrite have partnered up with Cleanaway to provide a simple solution for the disposal of the Enviro Box™ bladder bags to ensure they are responsibly disposed of.


All you need to do is put the bladders in the provided yellow drum (shown below) for collection with Cleanaway. It's pretty easy to see how many of the bladder bags you can fit in a 44 (or 205 depending on how old you are) compared to the 20L plastic drums into a general waste skip.

The bladders easily fold up as demonstrated by Brooke on the right in the image below






What are the solutions for storing and filling with the Enviro Box™ range?


As far as filling is concerned, the oil can be gravity fed into a jug or pumped directly into the vehicle by hand or pneumatically.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we'll let Penrite CEO Toby Dymond explain that in the video below, live from the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo.


“Penrite is proud to be the first Australian oil company to introduce the Enviro Box™, which we believe will reduce the use of plastic drums significantly, representing a major step forward in our industry being more environmentally responsible”, Mr Dymond said.



The total practicality of the Penrite Enviro Box™ system cannot be understated.  Workshops can order their own selection of Penrite lubricants to suit their most frequent servicing requirements, thereby ensuring they have the right lubricant for the right application on hand at all times. Each Enviro Box™ also features a ‘Litres Used’ recorder to easily track when it is time to reorder and when the packaging is empty.


Having fast and easy access to a broad range of lubricant products is increasingly important as the Australian car parc becomes increasingly complex and the applications specified by vehicle manufacturers increases. The Penrite Enviro Box™ stand saves precious workshop space, while also making access to specific lubricant products much easier and faster when compared to using oil bottles.


When will these be available?


The Enviro Box™ range is earmarked for release in June 2017


How much more will these cost over a 20L drum?


Nothing! They will be the same price. You can store more oil and your waste disposal expenses should be reduced.


Can I still buy 20L drums?


Penrite understand there may still be some applications where the 20L drum may be better suited to your needs so the 20L plastic drum will remain available at this time.


Where are these going to be made?


In true Penrite tradition, the Enviro Box™ will be locally manufactured in Brisbane, Australia!


Enviro Box™, Enviro+, I'm confused?


Dont be! There is no correlation between the Enviro+ range of oil and the Enviro Box™.

Enviro Box™ is simply the name of Penrites new packaging concept.


So which oils will be available in the Enviro Box™?


Penrite’s initial release of products in the Penrite Enviro Box™ packaging includes seven lubricants from the Penrite Enviro+ range as well as HPR5, a product that is always in high workshop demand. The Enviro Box™ lubricant range will expand as the company gradually phases out the use of 20 litre plastic containers.



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